Maximum Hosting Space & Bandwidth

What do we mean when we say "Maximum" hosting space and bandwidth? Truth be told, there is no such thing as unlimited hosting space, which is what many other hosting companies claim to offer. There are physical limitations to the amount of data that can be stored on a hard drive/server. Rather than promote "unlimited" resources only to limit them in the terms (like other popular hosts), we want to be forthcoming with what we offer.

Maximum hosting space and bandwidth means that we will provide you with the maximum amount of these resources you need in order to run your website. We do have initial resource quotas on each hosting account. These quotas are large enough that over 95% of customers will not reach them. In the event that you reach your disk space or bandwidth quota simply contact our support team and more resources will be allocated to your hosting account.

In order for more resources to be allocated you must currently be using over 90% of the current resources, and the account must comply with our terms of service. Please keep in mind that our servers are intended for normal website operation and are not meant for file sharing or storage.