Addon features for all your hosting needs.

Account Security

Account Backup Service

$19.95 USD Annually

The account backup service will backup and store your website files on a weekly basis for you. This also bypasses our standard 3GB backup limit, accounts of any size will be automatically backed up. All backups are stored on our secure backup server. You also are given a backup-on-demand option that allows you to take your own backups and restore them at any time through your cPanel.

If you want an automated backup restored we will send you a link where you can download and restore the backup file yourself. You can have us restore this for you for a service fee of $19.95, 50% off our regular restore rate.

Backup Restore

$39.95 USD One Time

Our support team will restore a backup of your hosting account from a previous date. This will replace any unwanted changes that have taken place on your account.

*Please open a ticket with our support team before purchasing this item in order to ensure availability of a backup and the date the backup was taken.

MetroMail Secure Email

$18.00 USD Annually

MetroMail Secure Email protects your inbox and computer from threats of all kinds. The MetroMail server sits between the internet and your inbox filtering out spam, viruses, trojans, phishing attempts, and more.

Premium Account Backup Service

$24.95 USD Annually

You get everything from the Account Backup service plus we will restore any automated backups we've taken for you for free!

SiteLock Seal

$30.00 USD Annually

Sitelock provides comprehensive website security for small and medium sized business websites. It is a great way to protect your business while earning customer trust. Please visit SiteLock for more details.

SSL Certificate

$20.00 USD Annually

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate will allow you to make secure transactions through your website. Essential for any business or online store.

Wildcard SSL

$119.99 USD Annually

A Wildcard SSL adds https encryption to your domain and all sub-domains (ex:,, etc). Add safety and security across your whole domain name with a Wildcard SSL.

SEO & Marketing

Advanced Website Statistics

$11.95 USD Annually

A helpful cPanel plugin, the Advanced Website Statistics gives you in depth insight on all the traffic that is coming through your website. See how many visitors you are getting, where they are being referred, where in the world they are, what pages they view, and more. A great tool to see which of your web pages are doing well and which may need work.

SEO and Marketing Tools

$15.00 USD Annually

We have partnered with an industry leader in search engine optimization and marketing, Attracta, to offer you advanced tools to help shoot your website to the top of Google. The tools are easily accessible through your cPanel, and they will help get your website listed with Google, give you SEO tips, tools to optimize your website, help with backlinks, and more. A necessity for anybody who wants increased traffic.

Account Services

Full Account Recreation

$19.95 USD One Time

In the event that you need a full account recreation we can wipe your account clean and have you start fresh. Please keep in mind that this will completely clear all of your website files, databases, email accounts, and every other file that is on your web hosting account. Once recreated none of this data can be recovered.

Premium Account Transfer

$29.95 USD One Time

Need your website transferred to HostMetro from another hosting service? Avoid the stress of transferring the files yourself and let our team of support experts handle it for you. If you have a large account that needs transferring or are coming from a host that didn't use cPanel our team can transfer your website for you quickly and effortlessly!

Primary Domain Name Change

$15.00 USD One Time

This will change the primary domain name on your hosting account to a new one.

*Please note this does not register the new domain name. The domain name will need to be purchased through us or another registrar before changing the main domain on an account.

Third Party SSL Installation

$10.00 USD One Time

Standard installation and service fee for any third party SSL you purchase. This fee is waived for an SSL purchased with HostMetro.

Special Offers

Security Bundle

$22.47 USD Annually

Save 50% with our Security bundle which pairs an SSL certificate with our premium backup service. Add extra layers of security for your visitors by installing an SSL and have peace of mind with premium backups.

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