Domain Name Tips:

Your domain is one of the first things most people will know about your website, so choosing the right domain name is important. Try to follow these helpful tips when choosing your new domain:

  • Easy to remember. Make your domain name easy to remember. People won't always have a link in front of them to get to your site, and if your domain is 145 characters long, that's 145 characters you're hoping this person is going to remember.
  • Descriptive. Your domain should describe the business or website that's hosted on it. If you can get the exact name of your business, perfect. If not, try to keep it similar.
  • Unique. Make your domain your own. There are dozens of ''s, but there's only one of your site. Choosing a unique domain name makes your site memorable.
  • Relatively short. Let's face it, no one—not even you yourself—wants to type in every time they want to get to your site.
  • Smart TLDs. Choose a TLD (i.e. domain extension, like .com or .net) that makes sense for your site or business. .com is the default, and an all-around good choice, but your desired domain might not be available with .com. Consider a country code domain (like .us or .fr) if your business is local, or one of the new TLDs for a modern feel— tells you the site is about coffee right off the bat.
  • Check for typos! It's impossible to change a domain name once it's been registered, which is why it is very important you check your desired domain for typos or misspelling before you put the order through. You don't want to be stuck with when people are trying to look up the weather.
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