MetroMail. Securing more than just your inbox.
Personal email addresses for individuals and small businesses.

Have a more Personal Image

MetroMail allows you to have an email address using your domain name. Stand out from the Gmail and Yahoo crowd by giving yourself a unique, memorable email address. For example,

Protect your personal information

MetroMail protects your credit card information, social security number, address, and other private information from falling into the wrong hands. Our advanced filter protects your identity from hackers, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

No invasion of privacy

Free email providers like Gmail and Yahoo scan every word of every email that you send and receive, then they sell that information to advertisers. Have peace of mind knowing that your emails stay yours, and yours alone.

Avoid spam, phishing, and spoofing

Free email accounts are targeted daily by hackers who try to trick you into giving up your most sensitive information. MetroMail blocks these threats, leaving you with an inbox of only the email you want to see.


UNLIMITED Secure Email Accounts
Personal Email Addresses
Secure Webmail Access
10GB Total Disk Space
Real Time Spam & Virus Filtering
Fully Customizable Spam Settings
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