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These Billing Terms constitute a binding agreement between you, the customer or end user, and HostMetro. All users of HostMetro's services, and all customers upon signing up for said services, agree to comply with the Billing Terms. These Billing Terms are set to ensure customers are using HostMetro's services with due regard to the rights of other Internet users and in conformity with the requirements of HostMetro's network environment. The Billing Terms are not exhaustive and HostMetro reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of these Billing Terms at any time without notice, effective upon the posting of the modified Billing Terms to Any complaints about a customer's violation of the Billing Terms should be sent to Except when expressly agreed to the contrary in writing by an authorized representative of HostMetro, these Billing Terms supersede any other agreement with HostMetro, whether written, oral, by conduct, or otherwise.

When you agree to these Billing Terms you also agree to our TERMS OF SERVICE.


Accounts will only be created after full payment has been received and the account has been checked for any potential fraud.

It is your responsibility to provide us with a valid and up-to-date email address. This is how all account information will be sent to you. All invoices, renewal notices, account reminders, sign-up details, and any other notification from us will only be sent to you by email using the email address we have on file. We are in no way responsible for discontinued or suspended hosting services, domain names, or any other service or product due to outdated or invalid contact information. In the event that your account is seen as being potentially fraudulent, we will request a scan of a government-issued form of identification, as well as the credit card used for the purchase. If this information is not sent within 24 hours of request, the order will be declined and deemed fraudulent.


When you purchase a hosting account from HostMetro, you agree to pay in advance for the full billing cycle chosen. All hosting accounts, domain names, and other additional features are automatically set to renew at the end of the chosen billing cycle, for the same length of time.

Automatic renewal will be set and in full effect for all services unless we receive a cancellation request for the service.

You may disable automatic renewal for domains only by logging in to your client area, navigating to Domains > My Domains > Manage Domain > Auto Renew and clicking “Disable Auto Renew”. We recommend doing this only for domains you do not wish to renew. Failure to pay the domain renewal on time will result in the loss of the domain name and redemption status. HostMetro is not responsible for the loss of a domain name due to disabled automatic renewal or failure to pay on time.

You are solely responsible for making sure that your payment information is up-to-date and that your invoices are paid on time. We will attempt to bill any credit card we have on file for the automatic renewal of your services. In the event that the invoice remains unpaid past its due date, your account will be suspended and you may be turned over to a third party collector to recover the payment if the invoice remains unpaid indefinitely. If your account is suspended due to nonpayment, the account will not be restored and files will not be accessible until full payment has been received. Failing to pay for your services does not serve as a valid cancellation request.

We will notify you via email 30 days before the renewal date of any service. It is your responsibility to inform HostMetro of your desire not to renew any service. If you do not notify us of your intention to let a service expire at the end of its renewal date,we will assume you wish to continue that service and will automatically bill you for it to avoid interruption of service.


To cancel your hosting service, you must submit a cancellation request by logging into your client area, navigating to Services > My Services, and requesting cancellation via the “View Details” option next to a specific service. This is the only form of cancellation we will accept. We do this as a safety measure, so we may confirm your identity and ensure that you are prepared for any and all files to be deleted from your hosting account. When a cancellation request is received and we verify the request, we will notify you by email that your account has been cancelled.

Failure to submit a proper cancellation request will result in us automatically billing you on your renewal date. This charge is non-refundable. The following are not valid cancellation requests, and will not be honored as such:

  • Chatting or emailing us to say “cancel my account”. (Upon receiving this email, our team will respond with the proper steps you must take to cancel your account. It is your responsibility to follow these steps.)
  • Calling via our phone line to say “cancel my account”. (Upon receiving this call, our team will walk you through the steps you must take to cancel your account.)
  • Letting your credit card/payment information expire.
  • Changing your contact or billing information.
  • Disputing the charge with your credit card company.
  • Expecting us to read your mind and know you wish to cancel.
  • Not doing anything at all.

Credits on the account can only be used for hosting services with HostMetro, and are not transferrable to cash. Any credits on the account are immediately removed upon cancellation, and cannot be recovered.

If your account is cancelled and you wish to renew at a later date, you must renew the previously closed account. We are unable to access closed accounts, and cannot move any domain names and/or website content from a closed account to a new account.


Refunds are only available for credit card or Paypal orders. All Western Union, check, or alternate payment method sales are final. No refund will be provided for these payment methods under any circumstances.

We do not give prorated refunds. Once payment has been processed, it will not be refunded, unless you are within 30 days of original sign up or unless otherwise stated in the terms. All domain payments are final. Once you register or renew a domain, it is submitted to ICANN and our registrar for the selected term, and we are unable to reverse it except as otherwise stated under “Premium Domains” in our Terms of Service.

In the event you previously set up a Paypal Subscription or Paypal Automatic Payment, and you fail to cancel this subscription when you cancel your HostMetro account, resulting in a charge for a cancelled service, you may contact HostMetro to receive a refund for this charge. Any fees charged by Paypal during the refund process are non-refundable, and will be subtracted from the total refund amount.

Any account that is suspended for abuse at any point is permanently ineligible for a refund, regardless of terms or the date of sign-up, even if it is within 30 days. HostMetro will provide cooperative support for abuse issues and can reinstate services for certain cases of unintentional abuse.

Upon signing up for a HostMetro account or any services provided by HostMetro, you understand and agree to the following statement:

I understand if I have an unpaid balance to HostMetro and do not make satisfactory payment arrangements, my account may be placed with an external collections agency. I will be responsible for reimbursement of any fees from the collection agency, including all costs and expenses incurred collecting my account, and possible including reasonable attorney's fees if so incurred during collection efforts.

In order for HostMetro or their designated external collection agency to service my account, and where not prohibited by applicable law, I agree that HostMetro and the designated external collection agency are authorized to (i) contact me by telephone at the telephone number(s) I am providing, including wireless telephone numbers, which could result in charges to me, (ii) contact me by sending text messages (message and data rates may apply) or emails, using any email address I provide and (iii) methods of contact may include using pre-recorded/artificial voice message and/or use of an automatic dialing device, as applicable.

The above-mentioned methods of contact apply only to accounts placed with an external collection agency for unpaid or rescinded payments. HostMetro does not provide contact information, or send unsolicited messages outside of normal or important hosting notifications, to current clients or external agencies. For more information on how we use the contact information you provide, please see our privacy policy.


We offer all our customers a 30 day money back guarantee. This is applicable to new accounts only and is not valid for account or service renewals. You must submit a cancellation request within 30 days of your account being created to receive a refund.

Refunds are provided for hosting services only. The following services are not covered under the 30 day money back guarantee:

  • Addon features (backup service, spam filters, etc.)
  • Secure Email Service
  • SSL certificates
    • If a free SSL certificate was provided during sign-up, the price of this SSL certificate will be subtracted from the refund.
  • Domain names
    • After successful purchase of a domain, you own the rights to that domain for the full term, and may, ICANN policy allowing, transfer it elsewhere prior to cancellation.
    • If a free domain name was provided during sign-up, the price of this domain will be subtracted from the refund.
  • Setup, activation, or transfer fees

If your account is suspended for any reason within the first 30 days of activation, this offer is void, even if you were unsuspended afterward.


We will never raise the price of your hosting services for as long as you host with us. The advertised price at your time of sign up will be the price of renewal for as long as your hosting account is active.

We offer the following billing cycles:

billing cycle price/month first invoice renewal
3 years $2.95/month $106.20 $106.20
2 years $3.95/month $94.80 $94.80
1 year $4.95/month $59.40 $59.40
1 month $7.95/month + $24.95 account modification fee $32.90 $7.95
billing cycle price/month first invoice renewal
3 years $6.95/month $250.20 $250.20
2 years $7.95/month $190.80 $190.80
1 year $8.95/month $107.40 $107.40

If you participated in a promotion or used a coupon at the time of sign up, this discount will not be applied to your renewal and you will be billed the standard rate for your billing cycle thereafter. Your billing area will reflect the normal rate at your time of sign up, for reference.

We reserve the right to change the prices advertised on our website at any time. We do not control the advertised price on other promotional or affiliate websites, and will only honor the current pricing listed on

If your account is cancelled and you request an account renewal, there is a one-time, non-refundable account reactivation fee of $14.95 .

If you want to downgrade from a Business Max or Super Max plan to a Mega Max plan, there is a one-time, non-refundable account modification fee of $14.95.

If you want to change your billing cycle to monthly, there is a one-time, non-refundable account modification fee of $24.95.


Coupons are not valid for the monthly billing cycle. This includes the free domain coupon. Coupons require a 1 year billing cycle or longer to be valid.

Unless otherwise specified, coupons are applicable to hosting services only and cannot be applied to addon features, domains, or anything besides a web hosting package. Unless otherwise specified, coupons are applicable to new accounts only and cannot be applied to renewals.

Only one coupon can be applied at the time of sign up. By default, the freedomain coupon is filled in and applied to all new customer orders that include a domain name registration in the order. If another coupon is applied, the freedomain coupon is voided, and you will be charged the regular rate for domain registration.

The freedomain coupon has a set value of $14.49. If the domain you are registering costs more than $14.49, you will be charged the difference. (Note: Most .com domains cost exactly $14.49 for one year.)

The freedomain coupon applies to one year of domain registration only. After the first year, you are responsible for paying for your domain renewal. Failure to do so may result in loss of the domain.

The freedomain coupon can only be redeemed within the first 30 days of account activation. After 30 days, this coupon expires. This includes free domain transfers, which will not be free if another coupon was used during sign up.


We reserve the right to revise or change any portion of the terms at any time without advanced notice. Any changes will be effective upon posting the revisions to this website. The most current version of our terms will always be located on this page. Your continued use of our hosting following the posting of any changes will constitute your acceptance of said changes. If you do not agree to the changes made to the terms, please immediately terminate your account.

Last Updated: December 12, 2017

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